Rolling laundry in a towel and twisting or stomping on it can be helpful but many accommodations don't provide new towels every day. If you ask attendants sweetly, they might be willing to transfer your clothes to the dryer, allowing you to slip out for some bonus sightseeing. Some travelers create their own washing machine with a large, two-gallon sealable baggie: soak in suds for an hour, agitate, drain, rinse. If you pour your detergent on top of your clothes, you may risk staining them or not having other items get adequately clean. In Western Europe, nearly every neighborhood has one; in Eastern Europe, launderettes are much less common. A tub of hot water, a washboard in a wooden frame with somewhere to rest the bar of laundry soap in pauses from scrubbing - this is a familiar image of how our great-grandmothers washed the laundry. If your detergent to water ratio is off, detergent residue can linger in your washing machine and on your clothes, making them feel hard or sticky and potentially staining them, too.
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How to Wash Underwear in the Washing Machine: Specific Suggestions

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Just pop them into the bag and put them into the wash as usual, following the instructions on the item care labels. Someone my father worked with told him he could remember his mother crying while she scrubbed clothes on a washboard she was washing outside in cold weather and the hot water hurt her hands. Washboards were also used without a tub; they could be carried to the riverside. Laid-back hotels will let your laundry join theirs on the lines out back or on the rooftop. I test-wash my shirts in the sink at home before I let them come to Europe with me.
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15 Ways You're Washing Your Clothes Wrong | Best Life

There were usually clothes lines running along the back area where the wash house was, under the verandah, for hanging washing in wet weather. By Rick Steves I met a woman in Italy who wore her T-shirt frontward, backward, inside-out frontward, and inside-out backward, all to delay the laundry day. When the cycle is finished, remove your washed clothes immediately to prevent any mildew growth or smell. I have vague memories of my mother making a poultice of grated Sunlight soap and sugar to draw a piece of glass out of my foot — and it worked. Soap powder had been known for a few decades, and from about it was quite widely available. Using Bleach in the Laundry Handy tips on using different types of bleach in the washing machine. Some had mangles or hand-turned wringers that were mounted between the tubs.
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There were laundry services aimed at the "middling" people too. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Share. Soap, starch , and other aids to washing at home became more abundant and more varied. It was not long before I rubbed the skin from my hands, and the pain and smart of the soap was intolerable; still I did not dare to complain. All I can say is good luck, have fun, and a mangle is truly essential for large or heavy items.
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